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neo_tenchu's Journal

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15 November
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Loyalty to the end how about that? I respect those that respect me. The most influential thing in my life is love. I'm not afraid to admit that I let my emotions show. Anyone that says that makes you any less of a man can bring it the fuck on. There isn't a single thing I wouldn't do for my true friends. Those are the ones that have proven time and again where there loyalty lies with me. And mine will always be to them. Live Life to the fullest extent and live without making regrets for we're not here long enough to dwell on them. True we will have them anyway but as for me if I feel I will regret something I will pass it up.
So what do I love? Dirt bikes ofcourse, bullet bikes, airsoft, skating, muscle cars and paintball. I could prolly squeez Star Wars in there while I'm at it. A drink every now and then. Good music. Trying to help those that I can and even those that I can't. I simply hate to stand aside and watch bad things happen to good people. I make a effort to understand something. I don't like to be stuck to a label. Screw the light side and screw the dark side, I'm on my own side.

Tired of caring, Tired of crying, Its time for the bleeding to start, Its time for my heart to stop

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