<^o.o^> Ninja Fox! <^o.o^> (neo_tenchu) wrote,
<^o.o^> Ninja Fox! <^o.o^>

Waiting and trying to calm myself. THis meditation thing is really damn hard.

So while I'm waiting to head out to my appointment. I've gotten all my classes for next semester ploted out. Going to take German 101, Human Anat and Physiology (second part of the course), Some Health Nutrition class, and Music 100 should be an easy A for me to boost my gpa as well as satisfies some goals needed.

Anyway just waiting for tonight to fully come on. Pretty nervous about getting a tattoo. One of those nervous yet exciting feelings that keeps causing my body to go numb with a cold sweat add in. Hopefully my parents wont find out about it for at least a year. Got cash so it won't show up on my bank statement (if I payed with anything else) and then some.

Might as well just pull an all nighter since I'm leaving tommorrow morning and need to pack my shit yet. Hope it looks good in the end. I hope I find it rewarding as much as I think I will. Well later everyone. Cant wait to be back in IF for X mas break.
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